Dive into a world where every purchase brings you closer to extraordinary benefits!

Effortlessly accumulate, redeem, and enjoy rewards on a diverse range of top-notch brands through our partner website. From special discounts to exclusive perks, experience a world of points across an array of brands with an easy to collect and redeem points based program. Your journey to exclusive rewards begins with earning points when you shop at our partner stores.

  • EARN

    1 perk buddy point for
    every dollar spend

    Enjoy exclusive deals and redeem perk buddy points across a range of stores

How Perk Buddy Works?

  • Select a store

    Visit any of our partner websites/stores to redeem loyalty points on a purchase

  • Log In

    Click on the Perk Buddy icon and log in using your email address.

  • Add to cart

    Add your favorite products to the cart and let Perk Buddy enhance your shopping journey

  • Redeem

    Add the points to be redeemed on the purchase.

  • Checkout

    Enjoy the perks once you checkout!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I earn and redeem points on all products?

    Points can be earned and redeemed on the products included in the offer. We allow a minimum 1 point for every dollar spent. However with some special offers such as multipliers, the value of points earned may go up.

  • Can I redeem points collected on one brand for a purchase I am making on any other partner website?

    Yes points can be redeemed on any of the participating stores irrespective of how and what purchase they were earned on.

  • Is there a minimum spend to earn points?

    There is no minimum spend threshold to earn points.

  • Is there a cap on the maximum points that can be redeemed on each purchase?

    There is no restriction on the maximum points that can be redeemed on purchase.

  • Do my points expire?

    Yes, the points collected expire after 6 months (180 days). It is important to monitor your balance and redeem the points as soon as you can

  • Can I redeem the points over and above any other seasonal discounts?

    Redemption on offers may vary from store to store