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Privacy Policy

At Perk Buddy, we prioritize the protection and careful handling of your personal information. Interacting with millions of customers each week, whether in-store or through our websites and mobile applications, we recognize the trust placed in us by those who share their personal information.

In fulfilling this entrusted responsibility, we are dedicated to secure handling and the adherence to ethical practices. To articulate our commitment, we have crafted the following privacy policy, applicable to all the services we offer. This Privacy Policy governs our practices in data collection, processing, and usage. Additionally, it outlines your options concerning the use, access, and correction of your personal information.

This comprehensive Privacy Policy aims to provide you with a clear understanding of how we collect, utilize, and share your personal information. It's important to note that we may need to update this policy periodically. In the event of significant changes, we will notify you, typically through email, ensuring transparency and keeping you informed.

We, as a company, are committed to the following principles:

Should you disagree with the practices outlined in this Privacy Policy, we recommend refraining from using our services.

1. Scope and Application

This policy pertains to the collection of customer personal information by Perk Buddy, encompassing their websites and mobile applications. Throughout this policy, we collectively refer to the entity as "Perk Buddy" employing terms such as "we," "us," or "our." Within this policy, we delineate the personal information we collect, emphasize how we employ, share, and oversee it, outline the procedures for accessing, updating, and correcting your personal information and enumerate the privacy choices at your disposal. Additionally, kindly refer to any privacy statements accessible at our locations, websites, or mobile applications at the time your personal information is gathered.

2. What type of personal information do we collect and use?

"Personal information" encompasses any data that identifies you or could reasonably be linked to you. The personal information we gather may encompass contact details like your name, email address and phone numbers. Additionally, it extends to information about the specific products and services you procure via our contact/help support. Furthermore, it includes details provided in connection with our programs, products, and/or services, as well as information automatically collected when you engage with us online or visit our partner stores.

How is this information collected?

Technology we use:

3. How do we use your personal information?

We collect your personal information with the purpose of providing you with pertinent offers, programs, and information that we believe will be beneficial to you. All communications from us to you are conducted with your best interests in mind, aiming to enhance your customer journey with us while adhering to the legal norms established for such interactions.

4. Who do we share your personal information with?

We may disclose your personal information to our affiliates and other third parties (organizations with whom we offer programs, products, or services) for the purposes outlined in this policy and in compliance with relevant laws. It's important to note that we do not engage in the sale of your personal information to any organization or individual.

Business Partners and Affiliates

We make it possible for you to access products or services from other businesses, such as Perk Buddy Partners. Through our website or mobile application, you can purchase products or services from these businesses. In the process of making such purchases, we will disclose personal information linked to your transaction to those businesses. It's essential to note that any information received by these businesses in connection with a Perk Buddy purchase will be governed by the privacy policy of the respective Perk Buddy Partner.

Legal Requirements

We may disclose collected information when we deem it necessary to comply with the law, enforce applicable terms and conditions, or fulfill other agreements. Additionally, disclosure may occur to facilitate financing, securitization, insuring, sale, assignment, bankruptcy, or disposal of all or part of our business or assets. Such disclosures may also be made to protect the rights, property, or safety of our company, our members, or others.

Elsewhere at Your Direction

Upon your direction, request, or consent, we may share your information accordingly.

Sharing Non-identifiable or Aggregate Information with Third Parties

We may share non-identifiable or aggregate information with third parties for lawful purposes.

Business Transfers

In the event of the sale or transfer of some or all of our business assets, corresponding information regarding our members may be transferred. It is worth noting that we may retain a copy of that member’s information even after such transfers.

5. How do we keep your personal information secure?

At Perk Buddy, ensuring the protection of your privacy and personal information is our top priority. We have implemented comprehensive privacy measures to uphold our commitment to safeguarding your private information consistently. These measures are designed to treat your personal information securely, mitigating the risks of unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal, or any similar threats.

6. Loyalty & Financial Incentive Program

Perk Buddy is a voluntary loyalty program. By joining Perk Buddy, you receive:

*Terms and restrictions governing the 10% reward may vary for partners based on the specific offers they choose to establish for their products and services. The reward itself may also differ for certain products, depending on the partner.

Perk Buddy members have the opportunity to redeem offers for products or services at select partners. While the partner's offer is accessible through Perk Buddy, it's essential to note that Perk Buddy is not responsible for the terms or fulfillment of the offer, nor is it accountable for the partner's products or services.

For added convenience, you may choose to link your Perk Buddy account to an existing account with a select partner. Upon linking, Perk Buddy and the partner will share and utilize information as detailed during the account linking process. However, should your Perk Buddy account be closed, deleted, or suspended, if you opt out of the Perk Buddy program, or if you manually unlink your Perk Buddy account and the partner account, the benefits of linked accounts will cease. Additionally, Perk Buddy may share information with the partner regarding applicable items you return after your Perk Buddy account has been unlinked.

Opting out of Perk Buddy loyalty program:

If at any point, you no longer desire to be a part of the Perk Buddy community, you can opt out of our program without any repercussions. It's important to be aware that opting out will result in the nullification of any accumulated Perk Buddy points and rewards, potentially leading to a loss of associated program benefits. Furthermore, if you decide to re-join Perk Buddy at a later time, any previously deleted points or rewards will not be reinstated.

If you opt to have Perk Buddy delete your Personal Information, your entire Perk Buddy account, inclusive of points and rewards, will be removed. Consequently, you will no longer receive Perk Buddy benefits, as you will not be identified as a Perk Buddy member.

7. Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback about this Privacy Policy or our services, please do get in touch with us at